Here’s a selection of quotes from some of the lovely people who have come wandering with me…


Pix&Quotes Brochure 25Feb2016


Video feedback from the group that accompanied me on a Wondrous Wander through Brussels on Valentine’s weekend:

Comments about the Wondrous Wall Wander — following the remains of the 13th century wall around Brussels:

“Wendy has a great knowledge of Brussels, but even more important, she shows a great passion for Brussels and its history. I have been living in Brussels for 4 years and this tour makes me love this city even more. Thank you a lot!!”
– Annemarie

“Wendy made me see things I hadn’t seen in all these years — I completely rediscovered Brussels!”
– Astrid

“Wendy is very enthusiastic and did thorough research to show us little gems of Brussels which even long-term inhabitants would never know about. It was a very interesting cultural experience.”
– Miriam

“Wendy is a wonderfully inspiring guide. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her wealth of knowledge extremely impressive. A great experience!”
– Helen

“I’ve been living in Brussels for 12 years and went on Wendy’s Wondrous tour to find out a bit more about this wonderful but rather complex city. I find Brussels to be scattered and incoherent but know that there is more to Brussels than meets the eye. It took Wendy 2 hours to really show me the order in the chaos by simply wandering the vestiges of the Brussels walls and expanding my knowledge on its history to get a bit better hold on the city. After all, Brussels is a beautiful place but you have to open a door here and there and expand one’s own mind to see it. Thanks Wendy, and I’ll be back for another tour, as I truly like to hear and see more of this city that has become home.”
– Tom

“…it was great to take the time to stop and have a closer look and think beyond just seeing [the sights], but trying to understand them and their context/historical setting.”
– Mara

“Fascinating. Wonderful insights and passion for Brussels.”
– Tony

And some quotes from other people who have enjoyed taking a Wondrous Wander around Brussels with me…

“That was the minute I realized Wendy loved culture and history – not in the sense of having to remember all dates & years, but in the sense of knowing fascinating stories to tell people. […] All of us managed to feel the magnificent spirit of Brussels by seeing things differently. All of us learnt so much about the city itself but also about ourselves. From time to time I even chat with Wendy because she is a very intriguing woman.”
– Bilyana Petrova, Blogger with GreenHopping.eu

“I’m very glad that we had you give your tour on the group’s first day. I’m convinced that without someone familiar with the place to provide that orientation and introduction to Brussels’ center they would have had a much less satisfying experience. I’m quite happy to be known as a “satisfied customer”!. We were very pleased and we plan to make you a regular part of the group’s introduction to Brussels.”
– Professor Stephen Brooks, University of Windsor EU Study Abroad Program, Ontario, Canada

“What we got from Wendy was the benefit of someone who knows the city with all its little interesting quirks and little known facts… Wendy is an excellent greeter and ambassador for the city. We were so fortunate she was available.”
– Peggy Ledden, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The time you spent showing us around was much appreciated. We never would’ve found a lot of the places and information. Thanks again!!”
– Mark Peirce, Chicago, Illinois, USA