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10 Secrets Even the Belgians Don’t Know About Brussels
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The Wondrous Medieval Wall Wander
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Wandering in the Footsteps of Archangel Michael, Patron Saint of Brussels
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I don’t have a regular schedule of walks, as I’ve found it works better to build groups based on requests that come in or when the mood (or the weather!) strikes me. Feel free to get in touch with me about a date that works for you.

A Wondrous Wander is ideal if you’re looking for a unique experience to share with colleagues, family or friends.

All three of my walks are unique to Wondrous Wanders, and are the product of my love of exploring and researching little-known facts that will change your perception of Brussels.

Give me a call on +32 474 742 723 or send an email to and I’ll be happy to discuss a walk that suits your needs — whether you’re looking for a business or personal event.

Each walk is outlined below, plus you’ll find more info on me and the Wondrous Wanders concept on the ‘About’ page. I look forward to wandering with you!

Yours wondrously,

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 The “10 Secrets Even the Belgians Don’t Know About Brussels” Wander

Discover hidden gems in the historic capital

* Secrets are tailored to group needs *



I’ll help you discover my favourite hidden gems in Brussels as I lead you on a storytelling walk through the historic streets of my beloved city. From medieval alleys to quirky objects, you’ll experience Brussels off the beaten track.

You’ll see Brussels through new eyes — and with a new appreciation.

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Each eye-opening discovery is like a chapter in a book or a song on an album that illustrates Brussels at a different point in time or from a different point of view. Together, they tell the story of Brussels in a way that helps you make sense of the city.
This is a fun activity, suitable for sharing with family, friends or colleagues. Each walk is customised, because I adapt the secrets I unveil depending on several factors: the number of people, whether it’s a business or personal event, if there’s a required start or ending point, whether there will be children in the group, etc.
By the way, my secrets have been tested  on real Belgians 🙂

You should allow two hours for the ’10 Secrets’ walk. I like to go for a coffee with the group afterwards if it’s possible — we can socialise in a relaxed environment and I enjoy hearing your impression of the sights and stories along the route. If you’d like more information or have questions, please give me a call on 0474 74 27 23 or email me at

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The Wondrous Medieval Wall Wander  

Looking for something unique for a team building exercise or to entertain clients, family or friends? Discover the historic heart of Brussels by tracing the route of the 13th century city wall.

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There is a fascinating hidden side of Brussels concealing many enchanting gems that can only be discovered by being curious; by looking past the facade and recognising the quirkiness of the city. During the Wondrous Medievval Wall Wander, we’ll explore these hidden secrets, and share engaging stories about the history, culture, and people that illustrate these discoveries.


It took Wendy two hours to show me the order in the chaos by simply wandering the vestiges of the Brussels walls and expanding my knowledge of its history to get a better hold on the city.
– Tom Meyers
Following the route of the 13th century wall around Brussels, we’ll discover some surprising hidden (and not so hidden) places and take the opportunity to deconstruct misconceptions about this fascinating city. We’ll look at the theme of walls in our lives: why we build walls (particularly cultural walls), why we hide behind them, and why we may tear them down, both literally and figuratively.
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Taking a wander around the historic centre of the city, I’ll ask you to open your eyes, your heart, and your mind to experience Brussels, and your attitude to it, in a new way.  We’ll also uncover some hidden gems along the way… you’re sure to find a few surprises!

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This is a personalised experience, developed through hours of research: reading books in both English and French, studying archeaological materials in French and picking up stories here and there as I speak to people. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill guided tour.


An inspiring afternoon! I would recommend a Wondrous Wander for teams looking for a fun yet relevant activity as part of a team building meeting.”
– Gerd Götz, Director General, European Aluminium
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Call me at 0474 74 27 23 or email me at for more information on the Wondrous Medieval Wall Wander.


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Wandering in the Footsteps of Archangel Michael, Patron Saint of Brussels


During this storytelling walk through the historic centre of Brussels, I weave together the stories behind several statues, sculptures and images of Archangel (also known as Saint) Michael, as well as subjects that are linked to him in often obscure ways.


Archangel Michael was given the official role of Patron Saint of Brussels in the 13th century, and since then the city has collected quite an eclectic selection of images of this angelic being. From this beautiful golden statue in the Saints Michael and Gudula Cathedral (named for you-know-who!) to hidden crests and symbols, he is literally everywhere we wander!





Archangel Michael protects the world from evil, so he is usually depicted holding down a devil-like creature with his sword. He guards over and protects the city of Brussels and her inhabitants in the key places people gather, such as city administrative buildings and schools.



Wendy is the Robert Langdon of Brussels!
– Anirban Chatterjee


Despite his very serious job, Archangel Michael has a sense of humour. In this wall mural entitled ‘The True Story’, Saint Gudula is battling evil and asking ‘Mike’ if he plans to help her any time soon (since it’s officially HIS job). Michael replies, “In a few minutes, Gudula” — clearly, his priority is eating his French fries (invented in Belgium, of course)! How many angels do you think would be OK with being made fun of in public? 


The Archangel Michael wander is longer than the other two walks. Allow a total of 4 hours for this walk, which includes a coffee break at the halfway point.  
Call or email me for details or to book a date!
wendy@wondrouswanders / 0474 74 27 23


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“Brussels For Lovers” Valentine’s Wander

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