Are you hearing voices? There’s only one thing to do…

It’s November 10th.

Tomorrow, on Armistice Day, we should all be hearing voices….

Voices from the First World War, calling to us from 100 years ago.

This is a short post, because these voices, and these visuals, say it all. No one can tell their stories more effectively.

Here are some of the voices I’ll be hearing tomorrow…

701 No Death in Love Lomo resized


687 My Dear Son Lomo resized

688 Mother, Sisters & Brother Lomo resized

Edith Cavell Quote on Statue




865 Gabrielle Petit Lomo resized868 Gabrielle Petit Quote Lomo resized








So if you’re hearing voices, there’s only one thing to do: listen to them.






Well, actually, there’s a second thing that’s perhaps even more important.






Remember them.




2 Responses to “Are you hearing voices? There’s only one thing to do…”
  1. Sarah says:

    Haunting messages Wendy. I’ve visited war graves in Thailand from the Vietnam War. They’re heart breaking.

    • Wendy Deyell says:

      That must have been a truly emotional experience, Sarah. I have to admit that I can’t read, see or hear anything about WWI now that I don’t have tears in my eyes…

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